Free ? Team ? If you are wondering which iTop SaaS offer to choose from, in order to start or strengthen
the management of your IT services, this article is for you!

Start with the “FREE” version…

In any open-source solution, the free community version is the logical doorway for new users. In its SaaS version, iTop is no exception to the rule: the free version is ideal for testing the product, to appreciate its ergonomics and features and confirm that it meets your needs.

Unlike other open-source SaaS solutions, the free version of iTop SaaS is fully functional. This is not a limited preview version, designed to force users to sign up for the full version. The limits are clear: quotas (3 user agents, 100 CIs maximum) and the creation of notifications (you will only be able to use pre-wired notifications).
The free version of iTop SaaS is therefore ideal for a first experience of ITSM or for small IT teams of SMEs.

iTop SaaS is a scalable solution, able to grow at your own pace, according to your growing needs.

… and upgrade when the need arises

After working with the free version of iTop SaaS, you may feel the need to go further by purchasing a subscription.
Whether it’s benefiting from a wider scope of action (increasing the number of user agents or CIs), or having access support from the publisher, the TEAM offer is available to you.

In use, the solution is almost identical to the free version of iTop SaaS. The difference being that you will be able to create custom notifications, add more users and save an unlimited number of CIs. You also get access to Premium Support.

The TEAM offer has been designed for companies that are experiencing growth or who want to increase their use of ITSM.

Benefit from productivity-enhancing features.

iTop SaaS features help technicians refocus clearly on their core business, namely service. This relieves them of time-consuming and non-value-added micro-tasks, so that they can devote more time to solving more complex problems, which require investigation, research, etc.

For example, by setting up predefined answers, the FAQ in iTop SaaS allows technicians to give users clear solutions to recurring issues, without wasting time. The FAQ not only makes it possible to resolve tickets faster, but also to avoid possible errors in the answers to frequently asked questions, by formalizing a clear and exhaustive answer.

The mailbox is also appreciated by iTop SaaS users. All requests from all sources are centralized and optimally managed via a single interface. The iTop Mailbox thus allows support teams to save considerable time in the search and processing of tickets, which are no longer scattered about. On the customer side, tickets can be created via email or through the user portal, according to their preference.

Speaking of the user portal, this is a truly user-friendly space in iTop. It allows customers to gain autonomy by directly accessing the information they need (progress in resolving tickets, contracts, etc.) and by easily pushing requests to support. Visibility that benefits everyone!

Lastly, impact analysis is one of the most popular features by iTop SaaS users, and for good reason. Thanks to the links established between the objects of the CMDB, problems can be solved efficiently, by anticipating them and understanding their origin. iTop’s impact analysis graph enables you to visualize the entire problem chain at a glance and see the consequences on the IS, equipment and users.

Whichever you choose…
Whichever offer you choose to get started with iTop SaaS, you’ll get support from members of the open-source community.
In fact, you will get as much access as you need to all the discussion forums dedicated to iTop users, to search for information, learn about certain features, ask questions, exchange ideas on your problems…
In other words, even with the free version, you can count on the support of the community, in which active users, product owners and even developers of the solution often intervene.

There’s no question of getting stuck when using or adopting iTop SaaS. You will always find answers from the community, in addition to the instructional videos, FAQs and tutorials available to guide you.
Note that with the Team offer, you automatically get access to support from the publisher.
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