The Seine-Saint-Denis Council is made up of 25 departments, including the Digital Innovation and Computer Systems Department (DINSI). The DINSI comprises three large sections – projects, infrastructure management and support, with iTop acting as a central tool.

A single iTop interface to meet five needs

iTop addresses five critical needs for DINSI: IT request and incident management with ticketing functionality, testing and acceptance testing management for large IT projects, infrastructure management containing the entire DINSI equipment inventory via CMDB, middle school management and finally, facilities management, with requests for equipment and new offices.

The Combodo team carried out two key customizations to meet the DINSI’s needs: expenditure request approvals and appointment management

iTop, from ITSM to ESM

The project is ongoing with the deployment of a new instance for Enterprise Service Management.  “We are developing a new instance to handle business-specific requests. The first pilot is intended for two departments: for HRD, to generate requests for anomalies to do with badges or counters, for example,” Stéphane Mathieu explains. “Then it will be extended to other departments, for reporting fallen trees, potholes in the road, etc.”

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