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ITSM software: automation as a vector of savings?

Synonymous with efficiency and productivity, automation is commonplace in all business processes. ITSM is no exception: automation features streamline IT service management and simplifies the daily life of support teams. More than just saving time, some ITSM...

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IT budgets: strong pressure on CIOs in 2023

After many years of freedom in terms of investments, justified by the digital transformation of their companies, Information Systems Departments must now limit and prioritize their expenses. If you are a CIO, do not be surprised to see your management controller turn...

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Un logiciel ITSM pour favoriser la collaboration

ITSM software to promote collaboration

While users are increasingly looking for autonomy, they expect maximum responsiveness from the IT department. One of the keys to meeting this requirement is to facilitate collaboration, both from the CIO and end-users. As a good service management guarantor, ITSM...

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