What is the objective of iTop SaaS? Centralize the management of your IT services in a structuring software to get rid of your Excel files or your various management tools. iTop SaaS is a complete solution dedicated to the performance of your team and the satisfaction of your users. Let us introduce you to the benefits of this IT “service CRM”.

Optimize your internal processes

A professional ITSM tool such as iTop SaaS allows you to immediately improve your internal IT processes in order to refocus on your core activities. Indeed, the iTop SaaS ITSM solution saves you time in management, information search, unsolicited interruptions, in order to perform more operational actions (troubleshooting, deployment, etc.).

The ease of use of iTop SaaS helps your team to increase the quality of their services, while preserving their time and comfort. They can then focus on their main mission: producing and delivering services.


Email and ticket automation

Synchronize all your communications, regardless of the input channel.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Manage all your assets with ease.

Impact analysis

Improve your responsiveness to incidents by identifying their impact at a glance.

Incident management

Prioritize requests for better handling.

Improve user satisfaction

iTop SaaS offers an intuitive and ergonomic customer portal designed to optimize the user experience, and thus increase the satisfaction of your internal or external customers.

Benefit from a single interface on which you can centralize all of your activity, to increase productivity. All the useful functionalities for the management of your IT services are gathered in a true “services CRM”.


A complete services CRM

Centralize your activity in a single platform: contract management, services catalog, SLA…

User portal

Optimize your customer service with a single, user-friendly point of contact.

Request management

Qualify your tickets for better priority management.

Control your costs without commitment

iTop SaaS is designed to offer SMBs a cost-effective ITSM tool, without compromising on quality or performance. iTop SaaS is operational for free and in just a few minutes with the iTop Free offer. You will not be asked for any payment; the offer is without commitment. With iTop SaaS, no unexpected bill!

As a recognized open-source software editor, Combodo has always kept in mind the operational needs of its customers when developing its tools. Our experience and know-how allow us to offer you an ever more complete and scalable solution that will fit your budget.


iTop SaaS in 3 key points

✔️ Accessibility

  • A free offer
  • All offers including a complete tool
  • Adaptable offers

✔️ Open Source

  • Reversible data
  • Offers without commitment
  • A dynamic user community

✔️ Intuitivity

  • A solution oriented to user experience
  • Designed for your team comfort
  • An ergonomic customer portal


Stay free!

As with our iTop solution, we have chosen reversibility for the SaaS version of iTop, staying true to the great principles of open source. Not only is the tool very easy to set up and configure, but you keep control and retrieve your data (code, customizations, etc.) at any time.

You are free to change your mind and go back whenever you want. Whether you decide to change your hosting method or your IT management software, you remain in control of your data.


As you can see, iTop SaaS is a real concentrate of freedom (thanks to open source) and flexibility (as a SaaS solution). It is a complete tool, very agile in terms of adaptation and evolution.



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